Fair pay means that the work women and men do is equally respected, valued and compensated. We believe a person should get the same pay for the same work despite, gender, race or age. This is also called ‘pay equity’ – Canadian Labour

Canadian women who work full-time earn 73.5 cents for every dollar men make

— Arti Patel, Huffington Post

Even though women comprise nearly HALF of the Canadian labour force, they made up just 5.3 per cent of Canadian CEOs in 2013 and held just 20.8 per cent of board seats in 2014

— Mary Beach, The Globe and Mail

Women earn less than men within all racial and ethnic groups and make more than half of the workforce

— Sarah Jane Glynn and Audrey Powers, American Progress

Over a 35-year career, a woman in the top-earning 10 per cent where the wage gap is 37 per cent, or $64,000 a year will earn $2.24 million on average less than a man

— The Star

Mothers earn about 7 percent less per child than childless women. For women under 35 years of age, the wage gap between mothers and women without children is greater than the gap between women and men

— Sarah Jane Glynn and Audrey Powers, American Progress

Experience doesn’t close the wage gap, either. In fact, it seems to increase it. The gap increases to 38 per cent for women aged 55 to 64, from 23 per cent for women 15 to 24

— The Star

Women are more likely to work in low-wage, “pink-collar” jobs such as teaching, child care, nursing, cleaning, and waitressing. The top 10 jobs held by women include: secretaries and administrative assistants (number one); elementary and middle-school teachers (number four); retail salespeople (number six); and maids and housekeepers (number ten). These jobs typically pay less than male-dominated jobs and are fueling the gender wage gap

— Sarah Jane Glynn and Audrey Powers, American Progress